How to use Zoom in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to use Zoom

Do you want to make your PowerPoint more interesting and dynamic?

Do you want to have the flexibility to jump to certain sections or slides live during your presentation to tailor the content to your audience?

Zoom is a PowerPoint function that lets you design what we call Dynamic Slides.

It gives you the ability to create a non-linear presentation, allowing you to jump to certain slides or sections. It means you can control which slides you show, depending on how your meeting unfolds.

Here’s a simple how to guide to incorporating Zoom into your next PowerPoint presentation.

  • Step 1: Split your presentation into different sections.

How to do this:

In the left-hand-panel showing the vertical strip of slides, right click between slides and select add Section.

  • Step 2: Build your menu page.

How to do this:

Under the insert tab, halfway across the toolbar you will find Zoom. Select and choose between Slide Zoom or Section Zoom, depending on whether you want to zoom to a specific slide or section.

Format the Zoom images as you like. The default image used will then denote the slide section you are going to jump to. You can easily replace this with another image if required which can be achieved by selecting Zoom tools then Change Image.

  • Step 3: View Your Powerpoint

How to do this: 

Go into Slide Show mode and select one of the images to view your Zoom working.  If you’ve selected section slides, once you’ve clicked through all slides in that section it will return to your menu page.

If you’d like help creating presentations that get noticed and make a difference, please do contact the Slider Presents team.

*Our example has been created using Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac, processes might change using a windows operating system.