Slider Presents Creative Director, Elliott, shares the benefits of using animation, how it can breathe life into your presentations and boost audience engagement.

Like a movie, when you cannot take your eyes off the screen, or a book you read cover to cover, you want your audience to be engrossed in your presentation from start to finish.

It doesn’t have to be the next Pixar blockbuster or ILM masterpiece, but subtle and clever use of motion, whether applied to a logo, text, chart, infographic, bespoke transition or full-screen image can add a whole new dimension to your slides.

Animation can be used to tell a clear and coherent story, it helps avoid information overload. It can help maintain a pace, a flow, an energy without being distracting or creating unnecessary clicks of the mouse or pointer. It can be crafted in an intellectual manner without confusing the message.

Animation should be used to compliment the presentation not complicate it. Some presenters feel nervous or uncomfortable when using animated elements within their slides, sometimes through not understanding the potential or limited knowledge of the software.

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