Presentation slides can be a hindrance to great conversation.

We’ve all been there. You’ve prepared carefully for a sales meeting, with a beautifully crafted presentation, but the discussion follows a different path. Your slides either become redundant or you find yourself trying to force the conversation back to the your pre-ordained path.

Dynamic Slides are a simple, elegant solution, easily achieved using PowerPoint. By designing hyperlinks into your slides you’re able to pivot to different content and prepare multiple narratives. Your presentation becomes more like a website with menu options than a traditional linear deck.

Being able to respond to your audience’s needs in this way builds empathy and makes for a more relaxed two-way conversation. In short, your slides support your content rather than dictate it.

Hyperlinks can be built into any word, shape or picture. We’ve mocked up a quick example.

Combining hyperlinks with PowerPoint’s zoom functionality introduces animation and creates a more interactive feel.

Typical ways of using Dynamic Slides include:

Services – click on a particular option depending on what your audience are most interested in

Deep Dives – option to go further into a particular topic

Portfolio – have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of case studies

Larger audiences:

Whilst Dynamic Slides are particularly suited to more intimate presentations, they shouldn’t be discounted for use at larger events. Today’s audience value more discursive content. Letting people choose the direction your content takes through voting or dialogue is a refreshing alternative to the traditional set narrative.


One of the benefits of a Dynamic Slide deck is that once created it can be used for many different scenarios. Removing the need to tailor a new presentation for every meeting.

If you’d like help creating Dynamic Slides for your next presentation, then please do drop us a line and we’ll happily share some examples of work done for other clients.