Where to start?

If you’re planning a presentation don’t start with your slides.

Slides are linear and because of this aren’t a good way to organise ideas, which are typically organic and overlapping. Start by deciding what change you want your presentation to effect. Then begin jotting down the points that will help you effect this change. Post-it notes are a good way to cluster your thoughts into different pots.

Once you’ve gathered all your supporting points, decide on a structure for your presentation. Storytelling or narrative is something that people are want to over complicate, but really it’s just a matter of choosing from one of a small number of tried and tested structures.

Choosing the one that’s right for you will depend on your audience, your message and your natural style. The guys at Visme have shared a really useful infographic outlining seven basic structures. Next time you watch a TED talk or listen to an experienced presenter, see if you can identify which of these structures they’re using.

So in short, before you open PowerPoint, identify the change you want to make and the story structure that’s right for you.

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